FluidOil Limited is an oil services technology company which has developed Viscositor, a cost efficient and environmentally friendly solution to key problems with heavy oil production.

Viscositor enables continuous onsite upgrading of heavy oil to light oil (up to 29.5oAPI) at any scale above 50bpd and at a yield above 90%. The technology is modular and containerised, allowing flexible deployment thus saving on and construction and decommissioning costs. It also generates significant surplus high grade steam capable of being used for SAGD operations or electrical generation, whilst capturing the vast majority of its emissions, thereby reducing any potential environmental impact.  The product can be used as an onsite source of diluent or sold directly to a refinery.

This means that the technology not only reduces the operations costs of typical heavy oil producer but also increases the value of heavy oil by $10-40/bbl.


April 2016

FluidOil completes  the acquisition of Ivanhoe Energy

FluidOil has completed the acquisition of the intellectual property of Canada-based Ivanhoe Energy Inc. The acquisition includes Ivanhoe Energy’s irrevocable licence to its HTL heavy oil upgrading technology. HTL will be incorporated into FluidOil’s existing Viscositor technology to create a fully patented, enhanced, heavy oil upgrading solution, to be called Viscositor HTL

December 2015

Company forms a Joint Venture with Canadian Oil Services Business to deploy its Viscositor(TM) Technology

FluidOil Limited enters into a joint venture partnership with Canadian Red Giant Energy Group Limited. The joint venture will conduct business under the name Red Giant Fluid (RGF) in order to commercialize FluidOil’s Viscositor technology in Canada. The newly formed company will focus on processing heavy crude oil from Alberta, Canada where it can improve the economics of heavy oil production while still reducing the environmental impact within the province.

October 2015

New Chairman strengthens the management team at FluidOil Limited

Gerald Malone’s recent appointment as Chairman and Director of Fluid Oil Ltd brings executive and investment expertise to this emerging oil technology enterprise.  With the company’s recent relocation to the Thames Enterprise Park, Gerald will begin fleshing out the strategic objectives for Fluid Oil Ltd with the goal of a market listing in three to five years.

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Unique dry, low temperature and low pressure thermo-kinetic collision enhanced  heavy oil upgrading using pre-heated minerals as heat carriers. 

Upgrades oil from 6.5 API to 29 API in one operation.
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