Viscositor, enables the on-site upgrade of heavy oil to light oil, meaning oil producers:

  • Have no need to purchase or transport to site diluents commonly used to make the heavy oil pumpable.
  • Increase the value of produced oil by supplying higher grade oil direct to refineries.
  • Can upgrade the oil at a lower total cost compared with current “upgraders” whilst using less energy than current technologies. 
Viscositor - A Summary of the Technology
  • The technology is a novel adoption of FCC technology 
  • It produces an upgraded Synthetic Crude Oil (SCO) capable of being routed directly to a refinery
  • Low pressure & low temperature process reduces the end cost to customers
  • It does not use advanced catalyst or engineering materials
  • The process is self sustaining with no external power required beyond start-up
Viscositor - A Summary of the Benefits
  • Upgrades oil from 6.5 to 29 API 
  • At least 5% hydrogenation of the processed oil
  • Removes significant portions of the sulphur and heavy metals
  • Produces less than 0.3% Olefins from the processing
  • Can be deployed at small scale on site 
  • Can be deployed quickly and flexible 
  • On site processing removes heavy oil logistic issues and provides an on site source of diluent
  • Vastly improves economics of heavy oil
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